Tuesday, 9 November 2010


This is a mysterious picture as leaving all else to one side, it's not clear if it is a snapshot of before or after what this young naked girl is going to have to endure. Whatever it is, there's the reek of corruption coming from it, the disharmony of her smooth undraped limbs and the older man with his goblet of wine contemplating her nakedness.

Has she just been spanked and she now lying there in shame that she had to be punished in such a demeaning way, or has she been ravished or seduced and now the reality of her dishonour is becoming all to clear? Or yet again, are these torments still to come, and while he’s marinading in the thought of what pleasure he'll be taking from her, she is wondering if she will be able to endure it.

Let your imagination run free.


  1. L

    it's the the poor guy who looks ravished and is sipping a little wine the nymph having aged him with her unreasonable demands


  2. I hadn't looked at it that way, but how could they have been unreasonable demands! If he's ravished by them, I'm sure they were perfectly reasonable!