Monday, 29 November 2010


It’s a while since I’ve done a posting on masturbation, and maybe it’s time to revisit the subject again. I take it for granted that anyone who visits this or similar sites does so to add fuel to their erotic imagination, and that maybe as they read it or possibly later, on their own or in the company of a lover, turns arousal into satisfaction. If that is the case then I have succeeded in my aim. The world out there can be a dark place at times for all of us, and every orgasm is a beam of light

At the risk of stating the obvious, masturbation can be an act of sexual generosity, you stimulating another while you are taking pleasure in simply giving , or it can be your own loins you are manipulating while your lover does the same thing. Here the two of you are going through the motions of self stimulating, though your self pleasuring is added to and stoked by the sight of your partner’s naked body and by his or her own growing arousal. Like penetrative sex, should you be fortunate enough to reach your eruption at the same time, then so much the better, the two of you collapsing cross eyed and happy on rumpled bedding .

And then there is masturbation carried out when solitary and alone, and this is when it is capable of giving the greatest pleasure of all. Forget any question of this being for the sad and lonely, this is a magic time when hand and libido can be in perfect harmony. It is only you who truly understands exactly what it is that stimulates you to the limit, what fantasies and images turn your insides to liquid joy, and only you can speed or delay the growing wonder that is tingling and glowing down there, eventually stroking it to an explosion of pure satisfaction.

If after reading this and maybe checking out favourite posting or two from the past you feel like taking yourself somewhere cushioned and private before lending your libido a helping hand, then you will have made Elizabeth a happy girl.


  1. L

    after such a delicious and sweet posting something succint in reponse is called for and, as ever, the French have just the phrase to catch the moment of 'conclusion'

    ah, la petite mort


  2. Interesting. I suppose we could balance this against the line of Dylan Thomas - 'Do not go softly into death's dark dominion.'


  3. L

    oh gawd Dylan, we are getting deep and morbid - so back to frivolty

    i like frivolity - going to an 'event' this afternoon so hope the attendant nymphs have their skis on and make it - ah, there will be trouble if they arive late


  4. One evening during the recentg Thanksgiving holiday a gf and I, separated by a continent, used skype for mutual "generous pleasure", taking turns watching one another self-spank (with short hard-wood paddles with holes) and then slowly masturbate. Lovely! Laurie

  5. There is great joy to be had in mutual masturbation. My first wife and I indulged in it on numerous occasions.In the car,in the woods where she would spank me and of course in the home. Sometimes I preferred it to our love making.Sadly my current wife has no conception of the beauty of such activity and doesnt understand why people masturbate.Maybe this is one reason we are now apart as she didnt approve of me doing it on a regular basis.She enjoyed spanking my bottom but thought masturbation was for perverts.Pity she hadnt read your wonderful article on masturbation and the joys of it.