Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Its not fair! When I left school and ran away to Paris to live the bohemian life as an artist's model I dreamed of cafés and excitement, lots of sex, and never having to be spanked again.

Well a lot of it was right, but not all of it as he spanks me even more than the teachers used to, and more often than not I'm naked when he does it, squirming like a fish across his knee and squealing in protest. But it makes no difference. He's so much stronger than me and I just can't stop him .

And as I spend so much time bent over with my bare bottom sticking out he's decided he wants to paint me like this. If this ends up in a gallery or a private collection, everyone will know that his model has to put up being spanked like the naughty schoolgirl she used to be. As I said, It’s not fair!

At least the sex is good. Really good! Definitely worth being naughty for. But I'm not going to let him know. I'm keeping this sulky expression on my face and he'll have to put up with it! It's his own fault!

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