Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Starting out (Seven)

(New readers scroll back to parts one to six.)

And it's the next day and you're in the office again and you have to make something happen. You love it when your boss takes you across his knee and spanks you, but now you want to be taken across his bed as well. As for your boyfriend who doesn't spank you, well you'll have to worry about him separately

So as you go about your duties you pose and position yourself in ways you know will drive him wild, and then when you see that to relieve his frustration he's on the verge of throwing you across his knee again, you go and look at him with those limpid eyes of yours and stop him in his tracks.

"Sir," You say, rubbing your fingers up and down his shirt. "Sir, I know I'm being a really naughty girl today and you want to spank me for it," Then you meet his eyes full on. "But if you want to give me the thorough spanking I deserve, why don't I go back to your flat with you after work and then you can take your time over it."

And he's done for, and for the rest of the day the two of you are like animals on heat, circling round each other, purring and growling in anticipation of what's going to happen.

And then suddenly it's evening and you're at his flat, and it's just a matter of time. "Would you like me to leave my knickers on?" You ask him, looking at him over your shoulder. "So when I'm across your knee you can choose your own moment to pull them down?

"Or," And it only takes a moment to make truth of your words, "Would you prefer my bottom to be bare to start with?”

You can see from the way he is looking at you that he's on the verge of pouncing on you, but you want his spring to be ratcheted up as far as it can go, so just to get him even more excited you go and lay yourself invitingly on a particularly decadent couch.

“How about this?” You say. “I’m ready for whatever you have in mind.

and in a fury of frustration he throws you over his knee and spanks you till you are squealing in protest, excited by his passion and knowing from the feel of his engorged manhood thrusting up at you what this will inevitably lead to.

“Sir! Sir!” You scream out, overwhelmed by a weird mixture of pain and arousal. “I’ve learned my lesson!” But he can hardly hear what you’re saying as he’s busy ripping your clothes right off you, and the next thing you’re impaled against the wall by his excitement and the two of you are on the very edge of your joint crisis. In a moment you yell out in unison and and at last you’ve achieved the cocktail of punishment and pleasure you’ve wanted all along.

Now all you’ve got to do is to sort out your boyfriend.

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