Friday, 26 November 2010

Mrs Fotherington-Fanshaw remembers....

But of course, darling, it wasn't just at school we were spanked. When I was home,mummy spanked me if I ever misbehaved

as indeed her mother had spanked her when she was young . Isn't that what a young girl's bottom is for?

Anyway after I left school I went to Paris for a while and got in a with a very interesting crowd. I was sharing an apartment on the left bank with a girl called Colette who became a very special friend if you know what I mean. We got up to all sorts of nonsense together, and it was like being back with the girls in the dormitory at school.

She'd take me to some very interesting bars and clubs, and my dear, the things that went on! Bodies everywhere, all knotted together like tangled knitting.

I rather enjoyed all that, maybe a bit too much as even Colette said I was getting too naughty for my own good, and from time to time she'd take me over her knee for a spanking just to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Kind of her really as I'd rather missed it!


  1. Several girls and women have told me that it was their mom's or aunt's spankings during their teens that triggered the interest. I too went from there after school to a relationship with a girlsfriend. But mom says that I'm not too old for her brush or strap, and never will be. She acts on that belief too. Smiles, Laurie

  2. From your differnt comments, you seem to have a very interesting realtionship with your mother!


  3. Mom is primarily my confidante and cheering section, and dad also. I have two sisters: after college all three of us did demanding graduate work in different disciplines, and she always told us "you can do everything you really want to do, girls!, so go for it!" There were times when that advise was what kept us going! By the way, she and my aunt read you blog regularly. I'm not sure about dad, for years he's been following "Isabelle's" blog "Autour de la fessee". Regards, Laurie