Monday, 15 November 2010

Tempting him

He’s cross with me, fuming and sulking, but it never lasts, and I know exactly how to deal with it. I’ve already given him my naughty little girl routine and he’s been fighting against giving in to it, but I can tell from the way he’s looking at me he’s on the turn.

I’ve taken my knickers off and I’m looking at him in the way that always makes him melt, and I can see a gleam in his eye. I’m going to be spanked, no doubt about, that but it’s a price worth paying. In fact when my bottom’s glowing and he’s making me say that I deserved it, it gets me so excited that I’m glad it happened.

And as for him, after he’s spanked me he’s harder and hungrier than ever, so with my knickers already off there’s never any doubt what’s going to happen.

I must find another way of being naughty.


  1. I have suggestions... but they'd all require my involvement.

  2. Liz - You're right - I'd be way too embarrassed to tell you what I want you to do - not anything extreme or abnormal, especially considering your experience - it's just that I'm such a shy boy.